S.C. Subansamble Auto S.A. produces and offers for sale::

Gearboxes – Distribution boxes – Power sockets – Custom made parts

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S.C. Subansamble Auto S.A. produces and offers for sale:

  • Gearbox gears 4-16 and 18-160 daNm time input;
  • Distribution boxes within 1-2 steps and time input daNm 450-1500;
  • Auxiliary power sockets, long life and total;
  • Various mechanical transmission gear;
  • Casting (gray iron max. 100 kg) or forged (max. 25 kg);
  • heat treatments
    • primary treatment
    • secondary treatment
      (Carburizing, carbonitriding, CIF, improvement)
  • Technological design and constructive assistance to the theme
  • Occasional orders
    All products are made under integrated production by 80% from semi-finished assembly,
    with constructive and technological conception of its own.
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SC Subansamble Auto SA,  headquartered in Saint George, offers a quality standard certificate for a wide range of quality standards:

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Equipment used for production

  • Gear milling machine FD 400;
  • Teeth grinding machine up to a maximum diameter of 360 mm OKAMOTO, FA360;
  • FANUC type machining centers with dimensions of 500 mm processing 350 mm;
  • OKUMA CNC with the diameter O350 x1000;
  • Carousel lathe ST 12 with the maximum machining diameter 1000 mm;
  • Ribbon cutting machine;
  • CNC milling machine CNC MU 51
  • Drill coordinates SIP
  • Drill GHE25, 30, 40
  • Lathe SN400 X 1500;
  • Lathe SN320 X 1500;
  • Radial drilling machine GR50;
  • Radial drilling machine GR25;
  • Universal Milling Machine FUS250;
  • Vertical Milling Machine FV36;
  • Gear milling machine FD400
  • Universal grinding machine RU350 X 2000
  • Grinding machine RP125, RP150
  • Gear slotting machine MD 250, MD 251
  • Sand blasting facility
  • Machine cogs severuit
  • Broaching Machine VARINELLI
  • TT Oven (heat treatments)
  • Inverter welding
  • Hardness measuring device HB, HRC, FV
  • Hydraulic press DA 250T
  • Revolving crane 2.5t
  • Forklifts