We repair any mechanical gearbox produced by our company. Being both producers of finished product and spare parts, the execution time of any gearboxes or distribution boxes repair is extremely low.
The product categories we offer repair services for are: trucks, buses, tractors, agricultural machinery and other equipment.

Eg: MAN, Renault, ZF


Gears or custom made parts design, shafts through reveler or documentation from the customer.

If you want an unique piece, we can help you design it. Our experienced designers will advise you  throughout the design process of the desired part.

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Heat treatments

We perform primary and secondary heat treatment furnaces with controlled atmosphere.

The heat treatment as a technological process for the hot processing of metal products Consists of a series of operations that are executed in a certain sequence And which are defined and characterized by the value of the technological parameters.

Basic operations: heating, maintenance, cooling, cleaning, protection, washing, straightening, control.


We perform surface coatings by browning and titration.

The browning is done in the mechanized browning plant, by immersing the pieces within a stream comprising: degreasing, pickling, browning, oil preservation.

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