Gearbox S5-45
18 May 2016
Gearbox S5-35
18 May 2016

Gearbox AK5-45

Number of gears forward 5 gears
Number of gears backward 1 gear
Coupling with crackers all forward and backward gears
Coupling with synchronizer
Weight approx. 90 kg
Amount of oil approx. 7 dm3
Command with lever
With remote control
Type Maximum input moment(*) Transmission reports
V1 V2 V3 V4 V5 Mi Taho
AK5-45 440 Nm 6.45 3.39 1.90 1.44 1.00 5.80 1.83

(*)Indicative values – Depending on the type, technical characteristics and conditions of use of the vehicles.
It teams up the following trucks produced by ROMAN S.A. Brasov: 8160-FAE, 10133-F, 10160-F, 12133-F, 13133-FK, 12133-FA, 8160-FAEG.